CHSALXTEP - Chinook RDM Aluminum Extension EP



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Chinook Skinny AL RDM EP Extension
These RDM Aluminum extensions are loaded with great features to assist ease of use and dependability for years to come. Oversized brass pulleys are built into the powerhaul to ease the downhauling process. Pin and Collar system adjusts in 2cm increments to allow optimal tuning of your rigs.

- RDM (skinny diameter) ideal for RDM masts
- Aluminum construction tubing
- Euro PIN base compatible
- EX Power-Haul pulley and cleat system
- Pin and Collar adjusment system
- Index Markings for length adjustment
- Available in 3 sizes: S, M, L

- S = Adds up to 12 cm extension
- M = Adds up to 28 cm extension
- L = Adds up to 38 cm extension



Chinook RDM Aluminum Extension EP

These Chinook aluminum Skinny mast extensions fit Euro-Pin bases and RDM masts. 3 sizes to choose from.
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Chinook RDM Alu Ext EP- 12 cm
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Chinook RDM Alu Ext EP- 28 cm
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Chinook RDM Alu Ext EP- 38 cm
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