Chinook Rubber Joint w/washers,o-ring & strap

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Chinook replacment rubber joint with washers, o-ring and safety strap.
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Base Category: Replacement rubber uj - 8mm

Chinook Rubber U-joint Kit with washers, o-ring and safety strap.
Ideal for replacing older rubber UJ for most brands of bases. This UJ has 8mm internal threads that are most common for base replacements. Newer smaller size outer top and bottom diameters also fit with older Bic, Mistral, Fanatic and othher older brands of rig / base parts common inthe 90's to today.

1- Rubber U-joint
8 mm threaded inserts on both end.
2- Plastic spacers with channel for safety strap.
1 Nylon Safety Strap.
1 rubber o-ring - for safety strap.