Dakine Baja Tie Down Straps 12'

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The Dakine Baja tie down straps are made with bomber 1 3/8" Ancra buckles and beefier webbing for bulletproof load security. 12' length. 2 straps with carry bag.
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Category: Accessories - Car Rack Straps

DaKine Baja Tie Down Straps
These heavy duty tie down straps are sold as a pair and use a 1 3/8" spring loaded cam buckle to secure the wide nylon webbing. 12' long lengths and padded neoprene buckle cover make these straps particularly suitable for securing Windsup boards, long windsurfing boards and combinations of boards for added security and less point loading of the straps.

- Set of Two 12' tie down straps
- Heavy duty 1 3/8" cam buckle
- Neoprene buckle housing
- Carrying bag

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SKU DK8840-560