CH020 020 - Ding All Epoxy Repair Kit



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Ding All Epoxy Repair Kit
The Ding All Epoxy Repair Kit gives you everything you need for smaller repairs to your Windsurfing or SUP board. This Repair Kit contains Q-cell resin filler, mixing cups and sticks, 2 part epoxy ultra clear resin, 4 oz. fiberglass cloth, 3 grades of sandpaper, sanding block, cover sheets, and instructions. This kit is ideal for persons desiring to perform a sold structural type repair to epoxy boards.

Features / Includes:
- 2oz. Epoxy Resin and 1 oz. Hardener
- Fiberglass Cloth
- Sanding Pad (2 grade)
- Cup & Mixing Sticks
- Cover Sheet
- Easy Instructions



Ding All Epoxy Repair Kit

Ideal repair kit for sold structural repairs to Epoxy boards.
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