Duotone iBase 2.0+ iTendon EP

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Duotone iBase 2.0 1-bolt Tendon EP with removable deck plate – exclusive BASF material tendon, lowest base of its kind.
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Duotone iBase 1-bolt Ep base upper and lower

Category: 1-Bolt Base – Tendon EP

DUOTONE iBase + iTendon 1-bolt EP base – Lowest, strongest, lightest 1-bolt ep base
This 1-bolt base from Duotone is the lightest – strongest – lowest base of its kind. Unique upper and lower parts make the iBase / iTendon one base for all conditions. The Engineers at Duotone have developed this completely new, universal mast base system. The top priority was the requirement to create ONE single, uncompromising system for ALL conditions. The result is the iBASE 2.0, the lowest mast base system with central screw. The iTendon EP upper is the most innovated tendon to-date when it comes to performance and safety. Use of BASF high-tech material replaces polyurethane material. BASF is 50 % tougher and more durable. It offers even greater power transfer vs Urethane. Maximum security / safety through new Dyneema Safety System = a Dyneema kite line integrated into the BASF Tendon that's both tear resistant and stretch free. The EP pin and base pin (top / bottom) are milled out of single V2A Stainless blocks.The iBase plate is deliberately designed as a 1-bolt. Made of POM material (vs. Zytel) for imrpoved durability, strength and allows for minimal profile. Attach to and detatch from board without any tools. Release Option is a convenient sand-resistant release option, which allows you to remove the connection joint by simply pulling the sainless steel U-wire.

- iBASE 2.0 Series
- iTendon w Duotone pin short EP.
- Exclusive Tendon construction using BASF high-tech material
- Tendon incl. integrated Dyneema safety line
- Lightest base in its class
- Lowest base of its kind
- RELEASE.OPTION: base plate can remain on the board during transportation and storage
- PERMA.LOCK.OPTION: hardcore freaks can lock the release lever
- STUCK.SOLUTION: lets you unscrew the base with 2 fingers
- Phase Washer Plate: exclusive deck washer in a 2-phase over-molding process.

Our iBase 2.0 includes:
- iBase 1-bolt lower w/ quick release
- iTendon upper w Duotone pin short EP and QR lower

SKU DT7315