Epic Gear Fin Bags

$48.00 - $64.00
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Epic Gear fin bags - 2 size options. New exterior finish. Individual padded slots protect your fins. Deluxe size holds the biggest fins in your stash.
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Epic Gear Fin Bags

Epic Gear Fin Bags - Two size options
The new Epic Gear Fin bags feature a New Exterior Reflective material that is very robust and heavy duty. This Exterior will aid longevity and protection to your fins and or storage of gear (extensions bases in Deluxe size). Available in two size options to suit your particular fin storage needs.

Fin bag Standard features:
- 5 slot compartments
- Side accessory pocket
- Size 50cm x 13cm x 6cm

Fin bag Deluxe features:
- 5 slot compartments
- Side accessory pocket
- 80cm length holds BIG fins
- Size 80cm x 26cm x 16cm
- Also works as a great gear bag for Extensions and bases - for alternative use. (padded fin interior would need to be modified)