Exocet Windsup 11'8 AST

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The Exocet Windsup 11’8” AST is your One board solution for both windsurfing and SUP in flat water and waves. New Graphics! AST construction.
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Board Category: Windsup / Windsurf / SUP Crossover

Exocet WindSUP 11'8" AST - "Multi-sport Solution"
The new Exocet 11’8” AST features new revised graphics for 2022. This WindSUP design incorporates features to benefit use as both a Windsurfing and SUP board. AST construction aids durability while reducing cost and providing good performance. Step tail, dagger board, mast box, footstrap positions…all features designed to allow the best performance for those looking for a one board for both activities regardless of your skill level. With 220 liters of volume, 11'8" length and 31" width it provides user friendly stability and glide and works equally well in flat water and surf.

Step Tail Advantages:
Extended water line in sub planing and SUP mode (maximum displacement), reduced wetted surface when planing, and increased tail rocker when surfing on a wave, makes it easier to learn paddling and windsurfing in the waves.

11'8" WindSUP Features:
- New Graphics!
- AST construction.
- Step Tail design
- 220 liters of volume
- 31.1" width
- New Full deck EVA deck pad
- Polished Painted rails – maximize performance in jibes.
- Multiple footstrap inserts.
- 56 cm Daggerboard
- Power Box fin system
- 44cm fiberglass RTM fin.
-- 4 x's Adjustable Footstraps included.

11'8" length, 31.1" width, 220 liters volume, 16.6 kg / 34.5 lbs.

AST = Molded Construction on fiber glass and combination matt, ASA sheet exterior, with Epoxy fiberglass 60 gr wrap, wood reinforcements and Epoxy fiberglass 360gr layering. For a durable all-round performer.
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