ION Boots Ballistic 3/2 Round Toe

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Ion Ballistic 3/2 Round toe booties – for premium protection and warmth. Great features and rubber sole design.
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Waterwear Category: Windsurfing Booties

Ion Ballistic 3/2 Round Toe Booties– Premium protection and warmth
The Ballistic Boots with no-split round toe belong to ION's premium footwear line. If you're looking for exceptional warmth and maximum protection then this is the line for you. Offering support and stretch in all the right places, these shoes provide an incredible level of feedback and feeling even through layers of rubber and neoprene.

- Round Toe - Full Booties
- 3/2 mm thickness
- Thin Rubber Sole – for durability and protection
- Plasma_Plush 2.0 = Liner that traps more air and heat – increases warmth and comfort. (see image)
- Instep resist rubber – Helps keeps foot in place
- Instep Strap hold foot firm and secure
- Water Temp Rating =6°C - 11°C / 43°F - 52°F

11, 12 (stocking sizes)
* See sizing chart for us/euro sizing
Call for availability – ordering of other sizes
SKU IOWB224302