RRD ALU KSH Mast (pedestal only)

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RRD Universal ALU mast w/ pedestal plate and cover. Ideal for Universal KSH and WS models to convert wing foiling use, or longer mast options. Includes padded cover.
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RRD Universal AL Mast – foil specific

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RRD Universal AL Mast KSH – with Plate and Eva Cover
The new wider profile and stiffer Universal ALU mast with integrated plate is the top combination for speed potential and superior control. The new aluminum plate has been optimized in dimension and integrated into the alu mast using new 8 mm diameter screws to obtain a more solid connection. This mast is 15% lighter and stiffer both in flex and torsion, compared to it’s predecessor. A true innovative foil component that allows you to concentrate on your riding without thinking about losing control. A must for an improved and precise foil ride. It comes with a removable Tuttle head and is convertible to surf/ sup/wing/kite foiling. The Universal Alu mast can be used with every model of fuselages in the collection.
* Ideal for converting to Wing-foiling or SUP foiling with Universal RRD foils and or those seeking for a longer or shorter mast with RRD Y26 and newer model foils.

- Aluminum Mast.
- Includes Pedestal Mount
- 85 sm Mast Length
- 8mm threads attachments
- New adapter to fit the Y26 and newer RRD Fuselage,

EVA Mast cover

Size Options:
50, 65, 75, 85 cm
*Stocking 75, 85. Call for other sizes or if we are out of stock for ETA

New ALU Mast = In order to increase both lateral and torsional stiffness of the ALU mast, RRD has redesigned a new mast profile and mold. The new mast now has a maximum thickness of 18mm and its profile is also proportionally thicker towards the trailing edge in order to minimize twist. Also featured is a new middle stringer structure in between the two screws that have allowed a higher lateral stiffness. The incorporated top plate is smaller and shorter than the Y25 UNIVERSAL ALU MAST resulting in a lighter weight. The new ALU mast has an unparalleled TWIST of only 2,2 cms, feeling as torsional stiff as a full hi-modulus M40J Carbon mast !!!

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