RRD Universal SW 2400 Foil set Y26 DEMO - Excellent Condition

RRD Universal SW 2400 Foil set Y26 DEMO - Excellent Condition


The RRD Beluga are uncompromising Wing Foil boards for all ability levels. 160 and 175 LTE models just arrived. LTE and E-tech constructions.
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RRD Beluga Wing Foil boards - Dynamite comes in a small package!
RRD’s new Beluga has a compact shape to push beyond your level. 6 sizes to get you in the water and have a blast anytime you are riding it. New 175 size model packs 125 liters into a wider outline making wingfoiling even more accessible for 1st timers wanting a long term Wing Foil solution. It and the 170 size are also capable windfoiling boards due to their mast foot insert for windsurf rig attachment point.
The Beluga feels free and maneuverable making it your preferred all rounder. Choose your ideal size whether you are a novice or expert rider. Compact Shape Packed with volume to get you flying in no time. Ideal targets from intermediate to advanced level wingfoilers. Excellent All Rounder that’s accessible and ready to enhance your wingfoiling performance.
The rails, with a pronounced bevel, allows you to have a larger area to position your feet and less bottom surface to reduce the drag during touch downs. A pronounced kicker on the tail makes you fly in no time when pumping it and keep control during your tricks.
You’ll use your foil to create your motion, ride, carve and jump in a feeling of pure freedom. The Beluga is fun to ride both in flat water and in waves, it simply does the job whatever the conditions throw at you!

- 6 size options: 175, 170, 165, 160, 150, 140
- Stocking 2 construction Types: LTE and E-Tech (170 only!) * See 170 info on separate link on our website.
- Compact Shape – packed with volume for buoyancy and maneuverability.
- Full Pad Deck and color coordination for foot positioning and comfort.
- Pronounced bevel on bottom to reduce wetted surface and drag.
- Special deck concave shape for a comfortable and performing ride.
- Tail kicker to start foiling earlier and beveled rails.
- Deep double concave bottom for smooth touch downs.
- Multiple straps position (double or single front straps) to chose your preferred set up.
- Carry handle on the bottom for easy entry into the water.
- Specific reinforced foil box with 2 US slots to resist any stress.
- The 170 and 175 are convertible to windfoil as they float enough to uphaul the sail and are well balanced when powered up at full speed.
- The 170 is available in LTD and E-TECH. All the other sizes come in LTE, the ideal compromise between light weight and strength.
- 3 Footstraps are included with LTE models.
- 4 x’s M6 x 30 Torx head track box screws and T-nuts included.

Beluga Sizes / Specs:
140, 150, 160, 165, 170, 175cm lengths
* Stocking 175, 170, 160 (other sizes call for special order
175 = 125 liters, 175 x 76 cm, 7.6 kg, LTE construction
170 = 105 liters, 170 x 72 cm, 8.0 / 7.5 kg, E-tech / LTD construction = * See 170 info on separate link on our website.
165 = 90 liters, 165 x 67 cm, 6.5 kg LTE construction
160 = 75 liters, 160 x 62 cm, 6.1 kg, LTE construction
150 = 55 liters, 150 x 58 cm, 4.7 kg, LTE construction
140 = 35 liters, 140 x 52 cm, 3.9 kg, LTE construction

LTE – (See image) This is a great construction to reduce weight and keep strong durability qualities. Wood Sandwich – multiple Glass layers, PVC sheet foam deck and bottom.
Brand RRD

Product Specific Specs:

Product BrandBoard Size RangesSKU
160 BELUGA LTE Y26 RRDX-Small (70-99 Liters)RDFB22BLG7160
175 BELUGA LTE Y26 RRDSmall (100-139 Liters)RDFB22BLG7175
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