RRD EVO Wing Y26:

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RRD Windwing Window Y26

RRD Windwing Window Y26

RRD Universal SW 2400 Foil set Y26

RRD Universal SW 2400 Foil set Y26

RRD EVO Wing Y26

Huge Savings! The RRD EVO Wing Y26 features innovative leading edge design for easier handling, speed and maneuvers ideal for all level riders. Includes Bag and Wrist Leash.

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EVO Wing Y26 3.5
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EVO Wing Y26 4.5
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Category: Inflatable Wings – Wing Foiling / boarding.

RRD EVO Wing Y26 – Innovative, Enhanced handling, Faster speed capacity
This new inflatable Wing design is loaded with innovation and performance features to enhance rider capabilities and performance. It’s a magical freeride / freestyle wing for all levels from novice to expert. World Cup riders appreciate it for its incredible maneuverability, stable power, speed, acceleration and precision. Novice riders will get addicted instantly for its incredible accessibility and lightness. The Evo Wing is completely functional and purposefully designed to provide you with an overall experience. 2 color combinations, orange and gray and specific sizes to cover more various needs and suit any conditions.
The new long and wide handles will make you fall in love with the ease of use in maneuvers. We’ve separated the leading edge and strut bodies using a double inflate system which is 2 times quicker to deflate/inflate and optimizes the stiffness of the whole body. The arrow outline of the EVO cuts the wind in pace, allowing a faster and better cross and upwind ride and with the new large windows you will have ample visibility.
The new EVO WING takes you to a new dimension of riding.

- Freeride / Freestyle Wing design.
- 4 Size options to choose from: 3.5, 4.5, 5.5, 6.5
- 2 Color options: Orange or Grey.
- Double Inflating / deflating system - 2 times quicker to inflate/deflate and optimal stiffness of the whole body by separating the leading edge and strut.
- Arrow Head Outline - enhanced handling and stability.
- 3 Long Grip Handles - easier in maneuvers.
- Wide Windows -wide visibility.
- New Light Safety Leash with neoprene wrist band.
- Delivered in a comfortable and user friendly cylindrical backpack.
- *Pump is NOT included – sold separately.

3.5, 4.5, 5.5, 6.5

Performance Range Recommendations:
3.5 = 23/35 mph
4.5 = 16/24 mph
5.5 = 12/20 mph
6.5 = 9/16 mph

Color Options:
Orange, Gray
*Only the Orange color is in stock now.

Brand RRD

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EVO Wing Y26 3.5 RDSW2126EW35
EVO Wing Y26 4.5 RDSW2126EW45
EVO Wing Y26 5.0 RDSW2126EW50
EVO Wing Y26 5.5 RDSW2126EW55RRD
EVO Wing Y26 6.5 RDSW2126EW65RRD
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