RRD FIRE Y26 6.3

RDSF2226F 63
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Sale- 24% Off! RRD Fire Y26 Windsurfing Sail is a performance Freeride no-cam sail. Light - fast - forgiving and fun! Ideal for Freemove - FreeRace board performance. It Also works great for windfoiling use! 6.3 available.

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Windsurf Sail Category: Freeride - Freerace - Foil - No-cam Sail

RRD Fire Y26 sail - Performance and versatile No-cam sail!
The RRD Fire Y26 is a performance Freeride/ Freerace no-cam sail. The ultimate in performance freeride. A completely redeveloped range of sails, changing from a 5 batten bump and jump, through to a 7 batten twin cam power house, each size tailor made for its conditions. Lots of low end juice to get you up and moving quickly and plenty of control at the top end to hit top speeds with the GPS. This really is the perfect freeride solution. This sail is loaded with features and performance for riders to tap into the best performance and experience for freeride use.

- Size 6.3 Only available in the Y26 at this time>
- - 6.3-6.8 – 6 battens – Increased stability and drive.
- Rigs on both SDM and RDM masts>
- Adjustable mast head
- Foil Capable sail>
- Negative leech curve – More control
- Tube rod battens in larger sizes - increased top end control.
- Power-Clew system for huge on the water range.
- Performance Construction for the optimum strength to weight ratio.
- Integrated trim system for perfect rigging every time.
- C-film combined with X-ply for maximum performance, weight reduction and quality.

6.3 (only)

Specs 6.3:
6.3 = 191/196 Boom, 450 Luff, Adjustable Head, Rdm / Sdm 430 Mast
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