RRD Kid Joy Windsurfing Rig Y27

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RRD's Kids rigs that are light, easy, stylish and great for learning windsurfing and developing good skill progression.
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Rig Category: Kids Rig - Progression Rig

RRD Kid Joy MK6 Rig - Light weight - compact & easy Kids Rig
RRD redesigned their popular Kid Joy rig to foster making learning and progression easier for kids and help them to becoming future windsurfing champions. All the focus is on producing a light and manageable rig that will see kids flying across the water as quickly and effortlessly as possible. This complete kids package addresses keeping weight to a minimum to make uphauling easy while providing ease of control in as compact of a sail as possible. Split luff sleeve, x-ply panels with monofilm window, light weight fixed boom length are specifically designed to help keep the weight to an absolute minimum. The rig includes a sail, 2-pc rdm epoxy mast, fixed AL boom, fixed extension, EP base, uphaul and a carry / storage rig bag.

- X-ply colored film with monofilm window.(2.5, 3.0, 3.5).
- 2 batten design plus leach mini batten.
- Adjustable top haul.
- 2-pc RDM Epoxy mast.
- Boom AL - Small 26 mm grip, Fixed length - light weight.
- Split mast sleeve – to minimize water gain in mast sleeve area.
- Fixed EP base Ext.
- 1-bolt base
- Uphaul.
- Storage Rig Bag, holds rig and accessories.

Size Options:
2.5, 3.0, 3.5 .

Experience Level:
Experience Level:
Progressing Beginner