RRD Compact Xtra HD Y26 Rig

RRD Compact Xtra HD Y26 Rig

RRD Pocket Rocket Wind Foil Package

RRD Pocket Rocket Wind Foil Package

RRD Pocket Rocket 180 Wing Foil Package

Our Top choice performance Wing foiling board, wing and foil package to make all foiling options fun, easy for learning with exciting performance potential. Include: Pocket Rocket Board, Universal KSH Foil, Windwing Window inflatable wing, Pump and Board Leash.
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Pocket Rocket 180 w/ Windwing Window 5.0
Pocket Rocket 180 w/ Windwing Window 6.0

Package Category: Wing Foiling – Complete Package

This Wing Foiling Package includes everything you need to get into this exciting new sport of Wing-Foiling. This is our performance RRD package that includes RRD Pocket Rocket 180 cm Board coupled with; RRD KSH Universal Foil, RRD WindWing Window inflatable wing, Slingshot KimKay Pump and a Board Leash. A WingFoiling package with excellent versatility and performance for both learning and advanced progression.

RRD Pocket Rocket Y26 – 180 Etech - Compact Shape for Foiling and Easy Transport!
The 2nd generation Pocket Rocket from RRD. Building on the incredibly popular original design 180, these boards are revolutionary and allow cross sport foiling usage for Wing, Wind and SUP foiling. The Pocket Pocket Y26 is a unique board for windfoiling and convertible to wing and sup foiling. It’s reduced length helps to take off earlier, stays up foiling longer and perfectly floats when uphauling the sail. Even more fun and accessible than his predecessor, the new Pocket Rocket Y26 has a new tail kicker to get you up flying earlier and beveled rails for soft landings during touch downs. The Pocket Rocket 180 is one of our most exhilarating boards for foiling to date.

Key Features: E-tech Construction. 180 cm lengths. Unique carry handle on the bottom for easy entry into the water. Board handle on the deck. Special concave shape on the deck for a comfortable and performing strapless ride. Beveled rails for smooth touch downs. Equipped with both Track Box (twin US box) and DT Foil box. Mast box for windsurfing use. Multiple footstrap inserts. New Kicker Tail design – earlier take off. Full EVA deck pad – exceptional grip. *The footstraps are Not Included with the E-tech PR boards.

Sizes / Specs:
180 = 180 cm x 76 cm, 120 lts, 9.1 kg / 20 lbs

Construction:E-TECH - Glass epoxy skin top and bottom. RRD's strongest technology, the E-TECH is made for those entering or starting windsurfing. Suitable for schools and centers that want maximum durability.
RRD Universal KSH Alu Set - Convertible into a Multi-sport Foil. One FOIL to do it all!
This foil is very universal in foiling applications. Easy to use – early lift off and tremendous control. The Universal is a modular system to allow you to cater to various foiling sports using the same wings. Various mast lengths and fuselage options give you the options to convert your needs. The Universal includes a Pedestal base in the kit. The KSH is the Wing/sup and kite foiling version that has a shorter fuselage and shorter mast for best performance and water clearance for these hydrofoiling activities. It is also CONVERTIBLE MULTISPORT FOIL when you change out the fuselage, mount and mast lengths. Learn how to foil quickly and easily! Spectacular lift starting at 8 knots of board speed on the water. You can go all the way up to 18 knots of top speed with pleasure, comfort and exhilarating fun. Is the most versatile hydrofoil in the range. The UNIVERSAL KSH ALU SET can be converted into a head.

Features: Universal hybrid carbon front wing with thicker profile. Universal hybrid carbon rear wing with negative dihedral (anhedral) design to keep foiling with ease when turning and changing directions. It also helps pumping the board with your feet. Wider and stiffer Universal ALU mast with extra internal wall thickness and reduced outside profile, the top combination for speed potential and superior control. The most evolved ALU mast in the market today. Plastic connector at the bottom of the mast allows to fit it to any fuselages from kite to surf foils, and by separating aluminum parts contact it avoids oxidation and corrosion typical when aluminum touches aluminum. Longer lifetime. KSH alu fuselage with extra wide head area to carry and support super wide wings (up to 120 cms wingspan and 3000 sq cms). Stainless steel (aisi 316) helicoil threads on mast and fuselage for the longest durability and easier to unscrew. Removable universal plate allows to change to any mast length for perfect trim and skills. It makes your packing more compact (no plate mounted sideways inside your bag) and allows to convert your connection into any board attachment system (4 way screws). Pedestal Mount comes with this set (Tuttle mount sold separately).

Complete KSH Foil includes: Removable Universal Pedestal Plate. Universal Mast 75 CMS. KSH ALU Fuselage 76CMS. Universal Front Wing 82/1582 Y25. Universal Rear Wing 52/373 Y25. Mounting hardware. Grey Padded Carrying case.

KSH Foil Specs: Mast 75 cm / Fuselage 76 cm / Front Wing 1582 cm2 / Rear Wing 373 cm2

FRONT AND REAR WINGS LAYUP = Hi density heat stabilized 2 phase / expansion core. High pressure / temperature composite technology of construction. Best strength/durability / lightweight available today. Connection areas between wings and fuselage built in solid carbon fibers.
MAST = High quality extruded aluminum profile with maximum internal wall thickness. Wide chord profile and reduced outside overall thickness (stiffness, control and maximum speed potential). Most evolved mast profile in the market: Stainless steel (aisi 316) helicoil threads (no oxidation between screws and thread). Fits all foiling disciplines: wind, sup, surf and kite foils.
REMOVABLE PLATE CONNECTOR / WING CONNECTION = CNC solid piece for max strength and perfect fitting with mast profile. Strong and tight connection between mast and plate with 3 screws and high collar streamlined profile. Allows to change masts length for perfect trim / users level.

RRD WIND WING Window Y26- A new way to enjoy the water. Simple, Functional and Fun!
A new approach to wind sport accessibility to all. Easy – fun – intuitive and accessible. Whether you are trying windsports for the first time, adding functionality to a SUP, or wanting the quickest access to Foiling wind powered sports, the New RRD Wind Wing is making it all easier for accessing wind powered activities. The new Wind Wing Window version is the perfect tool to explore any water playground. From zero to hero, you can ride it with light wind until is get stronger and always have an unforgivable time. The RRD WIND WING is intuitive to use and quick toss it up. It has a rigid frame when pumped up and can be packed in a small bag when deflated. The large leading edge give a better stiffness and power to get flying earlier then expected and keep control when the wind pick up. The wide middle strut profile allows a better power grip and more leverage over the center axis of the wing. Its design make you ride with greater precision and less strain to maximize fun and performance.
The Wind Wing Difference: Allows performance with the widest wind range and water condition. Simple as functional, can be packed in a small bag and becomes a rigid frame when pumped up. Loads of power but also control to assure an unforgettable ride from light to stronger wind. Variable design geometry and profile on the different sizes, adapting a different outline and leading edge length to each size available from 3.0-6.0 square meters. 5.0 / 6.0 feature Techno-Force D2 Canopy connected to the central strut to get more power and the right pull in lighter winds. Quickest Air Flow inflate/ deflate system – becomes rigid frame in less then 2 minutes.

Features: New Window version – for increased rider visibility in high traffic locations. Size options; 5.0, 6.0. Scaled for conditions – smaller sizes more wind, larger sizes – greater efficiency and power. V-shape / Positive Dihedral leading Edge with flaps. Leading edge seam protection. Quick Air Flow Valve, with special molded protective cap and reduced dimensions. Dump valve on central strut to allow a super quick deflating time and easy re-packing. Techno Force Double RipStop. 1 Strut construction with additional rounded Kevlar reinforcements on all exposed areas. 5 x's Ergonomic comfort semi-rigid handles. High Tension trailing edge to increase upwind performance and minimize flutter. Kevlar reinforcements on leading edge and wing tips – for strength and stiffness. Safety Leash included. Polyester RipStop Backpack included. Repair kit included. 2 x harness line attachment points (harness lines Not included).
Sizes: 5.0, 6.0
Colors:Black / with orange logos
Techno Force Double RipStop panels, Quick Air Flow Valve, leading edge seam protection, Kevlar reinforcements, Moderate V leading edge profile.

Slingshot Kim K Kite Pump – Ideal for Wing inflation
A pump that is ideal for inflating wings. It's larger, taller, sturdier and has more volume than the traditional kite pump. It features newly engineered seals and pistons combined with newly molded handle and feet offer improved ergonomics and inflation speed. Single- to double-stroke inflation switch allows for instant change from high-volume / low-pressure inflation to low-volume / high-pressure. Includes two extra kite nozzles to fit most most kites on the market.

A Coiling Ankle leash from DaKine or a substitution of similar brand will be provided for all Wingfoiling board packages. Quality and dependability will be addresses with the leash.


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