Black Project Wind Serpent PB

Black Project Wind Serpent PB

Select Focus Weed Power Box

Select Focus Weed Power Box

Select Fast Wave Power 29cm

The Select FW is a Fast Wave hybrid designed for fast acceleration and versatility. Power box base.
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Fin Category: Power box – Wave / Freestyle Wave

Select Hydrofoils – FW Fastwave- Power Box
The Fw Fastwave is a hybrid design and versatile wave fin. Fusion of a slalom profile and a new wave outline. The FW is designed to accelerate quickly and strongly regardless of the condition of the water. CNC shaped fin in prepreg molding technology for strength and performance.

- Pre-preg molded.
- CNC Hi-precision shaping.
- Targets BOARD type : Wave, Freestyle Wave.
- Fast profile made to go fast forward.
- Curved leading edge for enhanced maneuverability,.
- BASE - Rigid fin base for stable power transmission.
- TWIST - Stiff twist for increasing the lift..
- FLEX - Soft tip for comfortable riding.
- Tuttle base.

Box Type:

TU = 27 / 29 / 31 / 33 cm

Technology: CNC FR4 C = Hi-precision shaping. Molded prepreg process.
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