Select Performance Weed Deep Tuttle

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Selects top all round performance weed fin. Shedds weed, performance great and also ideal for shallow water environments. G10 construction.
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Select Performance Weed - Deep Tuttle – G10
This is Selects top all round performance weed fin. It sheds a large variety of weeds while offering a easy to ride quality without sacrificing performance. Fast and forgiving with use of double curve outline shaping to enhance manueverability. Curved leading edge also moves center pressure forward for greater comfort and control. This is also a great option for shallow water windsurfing areas.

- Deep Tuttle Base – G10
- New anti weed fins
- Curved leading edge to move the center of pressure forward
- More comfortable to sail
- Efficient on medium covered spots
- Real sailing comfort for an anti-weed fin
- DOWN RAKE – Medium down angle / Anti-weed.
- DOUBLE CURVE OUTLINE – enhance maneuverability.
- TWIST – Block Twist to increase lift.
- BASE - Rigid fin base for stable power transmission.
- FLEX - Soft tip for comfortable riding. Generates a good amount of lift.

Box Options:
Power, Tuttle, Deep Tuttle
*Size options for special orders shipped direct to you.

Stocking Sizes:
37, 40, 43cm

Technology: CNC FR4-G10 Material