SS187110 - Slingshot M8 Titanium Allen Bolt



Category: Windfoiling – foil parts.

Slingshot M8 Titanium Allen Bolts – Fwind foil Specific parts
These Titanium Allen head bolts are used to connect the DeepTuttle Base to the top of mast (M8 x 75mm) and Front Wing foil to teh Switch Fuselage (M8 x 23mm). Titanium is used for strength and anti-corrosive reactionary properties vs Stainless into Aluminum material electrolysis.

- Titanium material.
- M8 Threads.
- Allen head.
– Requires 6mm allen wrench.

Size options:
M8 x 75 mm (SKU: 18711009) - for Deep Tuttle base to top of mast conection.
M8 x 23 mm (SKU: 18711010) - for Front Wing Fwind (1or 2) connection to mast cap.

Ideal for:
Fwind1 ro 2 foils from Slingshot.

* See Diagram image of part location.



Slingshot M8 Titanium Allen Bolt

Slingshot Titanium bolts for Fwind DT base to mast and Front wing foil attachment.
SKU: SS187110
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