STX iSUP Wing/SUP/Windsurf Crossover Package

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STX iSUP Crossover with SB Go Wing is an inflatable multi-sport board ideal for learning to wing-board. The Go Wing is ideal for learning winging – and great for future wingfoiling use as well. Includes: Board, bags, pump, Wing and leashes.
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STX iSup Crossover inflatable Wing Board Package:

The Complete Wingboard Inflatable Package:
STX iSUP Crossover with SB Go Wing is an inflatable multi-sport board ideal for learning to wing-board. The Go Wing is ideal for learning winging – and great for future wingfoiling use as well.
Package Includes: Board, bags, pump, Wing and leashes.

Inflatable Board:
STX iSup Crossover inflatable board - Multi-Purpose Wing, Wind, Sup board for water-sports enthusiast.
The new STX iSup Crossover is a 3 in 1 inflatable board ideal for windsurfing, Wing-boarding and sup use. It’s a Multi-Purpose board made for flexibility and functionality. Targeting beginner – intermediate riders for excellent experience and performance. This model features STX rail-saver beaded edge that releases water off the rail for planing capabilities. It is a stable design with 300 liters of volume and tons of features to keep riders engaged and having fun on the water. The FXL construction and technology delivers extreme stiffness and low weight. Unique rail fin with center rear fin – minimizes sideways drift to enable riders to track the board upwind in Wind and Wing use. Remove side fins for SUP use. Honey grip Core grip deck pad is comfortable and durable. Center mast insert allows for windsurfing rig attachment. Bungee straps on deck ideal to secure extra items esp when used for SUP. Excellent choice for multi-purpose use inflatable board ideal for travel and easy storage. Nice Bag, Pump, Paddle, leash, fins and repair kit included with the boards. Incredible quality and pricing!

Specs:11’ x 32” 300 L 9.45 kg

Construction: FXL Technology PVC - Premium Quality = The STX Boards are made out of the best materials sourced from world’s leading suppliers. With constant innovation and improvement STX has achieved the ultimate board construction.

Inflatable Wind Wing:
Starboard Freewing Go Wing - Learn to wing and never stop
The Starboard Airush Freewing Go is a new pioneering design with an ultra compact geometry and suitable for any level rider. This wing design utilizes more compact wing tips, a lower aspect ratio and a large diameter middle frame – all to benefit wings the handling and ease of use. The Grab handles are wide and easy to grab and change hand position without releasing your hands from the handles. Angled Y-bridle is a feature on the 4.5-6.5 sizes to help with learning and maneuvers. The Freewing Go are available in Non-window and Window versions. Non-Window versions – are great for additional use on Snow, Ice and Land. The Window versions allow for improved visibility when riding in high traffic locations and when you sheet in while foiling and incorporate a strong and durable PU window material that folds well and has been tested for winter conditions. Two Valve system allows for controlling leading edge stiffness and main strut stiffness independently – for better control in a wide variety of conditions. Multiple color options and size options to suit rider needs and wind condition use. - Wing favors Entry to intermediate riders. Ultra compact geometry. Long / Wide Handles for ease of grip and hand positioning. 2.5 and 3.5 have 2 long handle straps. 4.5-6.5 have an additional front handle (3 total) plus Y-bridle. Angled Y-bridle (4.5, 5.5, 6.5 only). Eases learning esp. wing-boarding and land / snow use. Two Air Valve system allows for independent leading edge and strut pressure. Kevlar Reinforced – leading edge / tip – in most critical areas. Large Backpack style bag – can hold pump and wing in one bag.
Sizes: both window and no-widow options. 3.5, 4.5, 5.5, 6.5

Color Options:Teal/Orange, Gray/Light Blue, Gray/Yellow

Specs and Wind Range Recommendations:
6.5 – 325 cm span, 3.36 kg, 6 Psi, Wind Range – 8-20 knots
5.5 – 300 cm span, 2.92 kg, 6 Psi, Wind Range – 10-24 knots
4.5 – 273 cm span, 2.42 kg, 7 Psi, Wind Range – 12-28 knots
3.5 – 237 cm span, 2.06 kg, 7 Psi, Wind Range – 18-32 knots
*Wind range is subject to rider weight, abilities, and type of use. For learning wingboarding vs foil – go down in size.