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New V2 windsurf board protector – keeps your rigs mast from slamming into the nose of your board. Excellent for new short boarders, Windfoilers and freestylers.
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Category: Safety Gear / Board protection

Surfbent V2 – windsurf Board protection - ideal for windfoiling, windsurfing and school use.
The new version Surfbent is more compatible with most mast bases sold in the USA. The larger center area accommodates bases that are 4 3/4"- 4 7/8" diameters (with deck washer removed). This board protector was designed to help minimize damaging the nose of your windsurfing board. Whether you are a beginner learning the ropes of windsurfing or an Expert freestyler perfecting new moves, the surfbents unique design will keep you on the water vs in repair shop. Surfbent states: In an uncontrolled fall of the rig or in extreme situations such as a spin fall, the rig hits the protector first. In this contact, the resulting energy is degraded by deformation of the power joint (elastomer material). This can better protect the entire board. An optimized, geometric design and simulation of the design structure saved material, reduced weight and at the same time achieved the required strength and function.

- 340 GRAMS
- COMPATIBLE WITH MAST FEET UP TO 12.2 CM / 4 3/4"-4 7/8" Diameter base.
- CENTRAL WEIGHT DISTRIBUTION - Mass is close to deck of board.
- SUPPORT AT WATER START – shape of the protector and the resulting lift-up effect (lifting the sail towards the start position).
- UNRESTRICTED TRIM - Setting range of the mast track remains intact.
- At the mast foot, the 1 or 2-bolt friction disc is replaced by the protector and mounted as usual.
- New OUTER DIAMETER measurement is 190mm / 7.5"
- Soft pad under Surfbent – protects board from paint damage and improves contact / grip to board.
- Works best with boards 250cm / 8'3" and shorter.

Color Options:
Ocean (blue) or Storm (dark grey), Sunset (orange)

Compatible Bases:
This V2 model 2-bolt version – works with most 1 and 2 bolt bases currently available. The Restrictions are limited to base diameters of 12.2 cm or approx. 4 3/4"-7/8". These include modern bases from; Aeron, Chinook, Duotone, RRD and more.
* Deck washer Must Be Removed from all of these bases to fit properly.

Warning - Mechanical Plastic base from Chinook - not designed to be used with Surfbent. Rubber or tendon version bases are fine.

The selected plastic with a Shore hardness of 70-80 proved in the course of the test phases as significantly better choice of material. Pad protects the area below the WBP from paint damage. In addition, the pad improves the stable fixation of the WBP on the board. Another advantage is that the guide part must absorb less forces. The load limit of the predetermined breaking point is thus achieved less quickly.