Tahe Techno Wind Foil 160 Package

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Tahe Entry Wind Foil Package includes a 160 liter Techno 160 Windfoil Board and Slingshot Fwind V4 Foil combination to facilitate exciting Wind Foiling success. Includes: Board, Foil, Foil Bag.

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This Entry Wind Foiling Package includes a 160 liter Techno Windfoil Board and appropriate Foil to facilitate exciting Wind-Foiling success. This versatile and user friendly foil package includes a Tahe Techno 160 board that also includes a fin for windsurfing versatility. We’ve combined this popular board with a user friendly foil from SlingShot- the Fwind V3. The Foil is modular and the board is foil ready for Windfoiling – just plug and play and you’ll be all set for rapid success and performance to tap into al in one great package.

Tahe Techno Wind Foil 160 - Convertible Freeride / Foil-board with Eva Deck.
This offering from Tahe (formerly Bic) – the Techno Foil 160 was developed to provide a one board solution for both traditional freeride use and foil-boarding and designed to do both at a high level. The board was designed by one of the hottest shapers around, Jean-Marie Guiriec. The 160 targets Progressive Entry (center fin) Freeriding (single rear performance fin) and Windfoiling (foil not included). Large padded deck area on the 160 give the board more appeal for new comers climbing on and falling on the deck surface. The 160 has a center fin box system and offers a Rapid removal center fin (targeting entry short boarders) to make putting in and taking off the center fin easy. The Wind Foil 160 is available in Ace-Tech construction= Ace-Tec. Ace-Tec construction will provide exceptional strength to weight ratios – ideal for learning foiling, freeriding, and first short board riding experiences.

160 Features:
- 3 in 1 shape for both, Short board entry, Freeriding windsurfing & Windfoiling.
- Ace-Tec construction
- 160 liters of volume.
- Wide width 82 cm with through tail.
- Short and wide to optimise Freeride and foiling performance criteria.
- EVA deck pad 2/3 deck of board.
- Multiple inserts for strap placement.
- Qty 4 - Bic adjustable footstraps included.
- Deep Tuttle / Foil box.
- Fin inclusion (Beach DT and Center fin).

160 Specs:
255 x 82cm x 160 L volume.
AceTec =11 kg / 24.2 lbs

Ace-Tec construction technology, resulting in a board with an unrivaled strength/weight ratio, Light Weight Performance and durability. Epoxy / Fiberglass double layer wrap, with additional reinforcement areas to improve stiffness and performance. ASA Polymer outer skin for unmatched durability and impact resistance. Embossed EVA foam pad for maximum comfort. Molded external inserts – no penetrations through outer shell and maximum strength. Molded, Lightweight and watertight 15 kg/m3 EPS Foam Core.

Slingshot Hover Glide FWIND V4 - Modular – Performance & Value
The Fwind V4 is go-to foil for windfoiling. Stable and Easy to access foiling in lighter winds speeds – while the gull-wing front shape provides tremendous lift and accessible speeds while holding the foil in the water. Hit 7-8 mph of board speed and you are up and cruising. Ultra low stall speed allows for swell and wave riding and makes foiling jibes mellow and achievable. The Infinity 76 is a self-stabilizing wing with downforce in the wing tips that kicks in at medium to high speeds, stopping the wing from over-lifting and allows you to get more weight back and push it to speeds over 25 kts. Truly a game changer! The long 90 cm aluminum mast allows for ample range of flight and time to correct your errors before touching down or over-foiling. Excellent modular system allows you to transform the foil to your needs where you can replacing wing sizes to suit your wind conditions and foiling skill sets, change out mast lengths and or fuselage lengths to accommodate other foiling.
Features: Infinity 76 Front Wing - provides tons of lift, more range, stability and control.- Durable, Affordable, Up-gradable Modular Components. Mast is Alloy extruded from aircraft aluminum, CNC machined, tempered, anodized. Wings are New carbon composite construction. Fuselage "Switch Fuselage" - allows different wing positions for different performance. Flat-Loc, Fuse-to-Wing Connector – marries wing to fuselage and eliminates load on the bolts. Titanium Bolts – precision milled – maximum strength. Deep Tuttle adapter with an integrated base flange. Pedestal mount connection – provides ability to connect to twin box systems. Padded Travel Case – included. Wing Covers – Neoprene (front and rear).

Foil Specs: Mast 90 cm / Fuselage 78 cm / Front Wing 1534 cm2 / Rear Wing 314 cm2

Construction:Carbon Fiber Wings - Carbon composite construction - tremendous range and efficiency. Safe-T winglets prevent injury. Aluminum Mast- Extruded aircraft aluminum, CnC machined to reduced drag and eliminate vibration, tempered and anodized for saltwater resistance, the stiffest and strongest aluminum mast on the market, 2.5X thicker than the competition, designed specifically for loads that windsurfing puts on the foil and mast.

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