Windsurfer LT School Daggerboard

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Windsurfer LT Daggerboard - school and Freeride model is 61 cm long. Fits Windsurfer LT boards and some other brands and models as well.

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Windsurfer LT Daggerboard – School / freeride version
This daggerboard is the size that fits the Windsurfer LT Freeride / school models that have the covered deck plate. Plastic construction and 61 cm length (trailing edge measurement – see image). It also fits some other brands like Exocet Link windsurfing boards. Be sure to measure the pivot point to the rear opening on your board to confirm length needed to fit and function properly.

- Allgaier daggerboard
- 61 cm length (see images).
- Plastic construction
- Rubber handle knob.
- Best fit with Windsurfer LT School and Freeride model boards

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