2023 STARBOARD AIRPLANE 290 Inflatable Windsurf Board

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Starboard AirPlane 290 is an inflatable windsurfing board with retractable daggerboard system ideal for cruising and learning. New Heat Welded construction. Includes: bag and pump.

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Starboard AirPlane 290 - Windsurfing inflatable board with a Daggerboard
Starboard revolutionary inflatable windsurfing boards are industry leaders in innovations and designs. The AirPlane 290 with its fully retractable daggerboard is the only one of it’s kind in the industry. New graphics for 2023. Due to both its size and the retractable daggerboard system – the 290 is the most suited to beginners and more experienced riders alike. When the daggerboard is engaged in the water – it allows for maximum stability and minimum side ways drift. When it is retracted into the hull – it allows for maximum planing capacity, speed potential and footstrap use. The advantage of the Airplane 290 model is it can accommodate a wide range of skill levels where everyone can have fun. From learning to blasting around in planing mode – it is an excellent choice for travelers and space

This innovative design makes compact travel oriented windsurfing a reality. The Tuttle Fin box is enclosed in the hull while the daggerboard housing is inserted b4 inflation process. , both designed to maximize hull performance. Also an integrated deck plate has been added to reinforce the removable mushroom mast box attachment.

The Airplane models feature: Weldeing technology for improved strength and durability. Construction also has double-layer, low-extension drop-stitch technology for added stiffness, improved durability, higher resistance to puncture, improved shape stability over time and reduced weight. A Double Rail Edge improves grip while carve jibing. Enclosed Tuttle fin box system.

- 290 size.
- New Graphic 2023. 
- Heat Welded seams – for maximum durability and long term intergrity.
- Rocker – improves lift, glide and maneuverability.
- Slick Footstrap and insert system with anti twist feature.
- 2 rows of footstrap inserts on the 290.
- New - Removable Mast Track Plate - for secure rig attachment (remove for transporting).
- Magic Suitcase – a padded, compartmentalized, wheeled travel bag.
- V8 Double Action Pump – more rapid inflation.
- Daggerboard housing.
- 57 cm Daggerboard with Clipper Box.
- Enclosed Tuttle fin box system – more secure.
- Drake Shallow 41 Tuttle fin.
- 4 Yulex foot straps - made of natural Rubber. .

Size / Specs:
290 = 290 x 90 x 15cm x 290 liters, 30.9 lbs.

Heated and bonded for life - Starboard’s new welding technique turns two into one – using heat to bond two separate pieces of PVC into a single solid unit. Heat-welded PVC creates a mechanical bond that’s stronger, lasts longer – and is better for the environment. Construction utilizing dener sandwich rail stiffeners, triple-stringer carbon compression rail bands, more fiber, less coating and less glue result in lighter weights for improved stiffness. 6" drop stitch.

Experience Level:
Experience Level:
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Board Size Ranges:
X- Large (215-300 Liters)