Aeron 1-Bolt Tendon - EP Base

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This 1-bolt EP tendon base is a clean design, new clear Tendon version, 3 spoke easy to install and soft on your feet.
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Category: Bases - 1-bolt EP

Aeron 1-bolt Tendon EP Euro Pin system mast extensions.
New - updated version of this popular high quality 1-bolt EP tendon base. New Clear TPU material is stronger with improved durability and flexibility. It is more UV resistant with a longer life span. The clear material also allows better quality control of defects b4 passing inspection at the factory. It also helps you to observe potential breakage issues b4 they happen. The Aeron 1-bolt tendon base is a clean 3 Spoke design that allows ease of securing to your board and removal at end of sessions. super Strong Euro Pin (EP) design fits most modern EP extensions available in the market place.

- EP = Euro Pin.
- 1-bolt twist on design.
- New clear and stronger Tendon joint.
- Stainless T-nut - won't strip easily.
- 3 Spoke design - easy to tighten and loosen.
- Rubber spoke covering - easy on your feet.
- Excellent quality and performance!