Aeron Boom Head (FBE)

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Replacement Front Boom End (FBE) for Aeron Aluminum and Carbon booms.
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Category: Boom parts – Front boom End.

Aeron – MK9 – Boom Front end Kit
Aeron – MK12 – Rdg Boom Front end Kit
Replacement front boom clamp-on – for Aeron and other brands of booms. Articulation type with removable RDM mast shim included. MK 9 fits over front end tubing diameters of 33 mm. Ideal for Aeron MCT 29mm Al and carbon booms. Fits other brands with 33 mm diameter head tubing. MK 12 fits over front end tubing of reduced diameter grip booms. Complete kit – includes all parts to assemble / mount to existing boom front ends.

- Front mount.
- High load bear Articulation cup.
- Rear hinge gate
- 2 x's Mounting bolts
- Inhaul Rope
- Rope for uphaul loop
- Removable RDM Shim

*No assembly instructions included.