Aeron HD Alloy Skinny Ext EP

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Aeron HD AL Skinny RDM EP extension with auto cam collar for ease of adjustment. Adds 36 or 46 cm extension based on size selection.
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Aeron HD Alloy RDM EP Extension

Category: RDM Base Extension - EP

Aeron Skinny AL RDM EP Extension Heavy Duty - extra strong!
This Aeron skinny extension features an improved cast stainless release button and full stainless auto cam system adjustment collar. It provides up to 36 or 46 cm adjustment range in 2 cm increments. Over-molding is the secret behind the strength of these skinny Alloy extensions. This CNC Alloy over-mold is an Extra thick and strong inner base tubing overlapping with the upper tubing (Alloy over-mold) to maximize the strength of both the Pin retention area to the upper tubing. A unique Auto Cam collar – is a hinging cast Stainless collar that's both low profile and easy to adjust. Stainless Die Cast release Plate/button is the strongest and most fail safe solution.

- Minimum height is 4 cm (from base ext. housing to lowest setting).
- RDM (skinny diameter) for RDM masts.
- HD Aluminum construction tubing.
- CNC Alloy Over-molding.
- EP = Euro PIN base connection.
- Auto Cam Collar – adjustment.
- Stainless Die Cast release Plate/button.
- 2 large stainless roller pulley's.
- Index Markings every 2 cm increments for length adjustment.

36 = Adds up to 36 cm extension.
46 = Adds up to 46 cm extension.