Chinook 2-Bolt Mechanical- EP

CH55E 55E
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Chinook 2-bolt mechanical joint EP is easy to attach to wide boards and provides instant drive to race boards.
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Chinook - 2-bolt EP Mechanical Base

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Chinook - 2-bolt EP Mechanical Base
This 2-bolt design features a base plate and upper that separates from each other. This allows user 2 ways to separate your rig from the board. The 2-bolt mechanical UJ that is very direct to transfer drive of the board. The base plate can be loosened for mast box placement / adjustments with the built-in allen head tool located in the lower pin on the upper 1/2 of base.Quick release retaining collar allows for easy removal of the upper mechanical EP from the base plate. Base plates can be purchased separately and installed on each of your boards.