CH55 55 - Chinook 2-Bolt Mechanical- US



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Chinook - 2-bolt US cup Mechanical UJ Base
This 2-bolt design features a base plate and upper that separates from each other. This allows user 2 ways to separate your rig from the board. The 2-bolt Mechanical features a Mechanical UJ that allows 90 degree unrestricted bending - making attachment to boards especially in the water - easy. The mechanical base allows you to attach the rig to your board without turning the board on its side because you are not working against the flexible joints of rubber or tendon type designs.The base plate can be loosened for mast box placement / adjustments with the built-in allen head tool located in the lower pin on the upper 1/2 of base.Quick release retaining collar allows for easy removal of the upper UJ from the base plate. Base plates can be purchased separately and installed on each of your boards.

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Chinook 2-Bolt Mechanical- US

A proven mechanical 2-bolt design incorporating a built-in wrench and safety-lock mechanism and easy attachment in the water.
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