CH230 - Chinook boom grip



Category: Repair - Boom Grip

Chinook EVA Black Boom Grip Material.
This boom grip set includes 2 rolls of 75" length boom grip that will cover both arms of a boom. Thin EVA foam that is approximately 1mm thickness ensures your boom grip won't get any larger diameter. Black color only! Contact cement not include.

- 2 x's 75" / 190cm length boom grip.
- 1 mm thickness.
- Enough to cover most boom lengths.
- 4.75"" / 12.065 cm width - accommodates most boom diameters with room to spare.
- Available in Black Color only.
- Appropriate for use on both Aluminum and Carbon boom arms.
- Requires using Contact Cement to adhere to booms (not included)



Chinook boom grip

Includes 2 roll of 75" length EVA boom grip that is enough to cover most boom sizes. Black color only. Contact cement not included.
SKU: CH230


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