Chinook Kids Rig

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Chinook Junior Glide Rig Package is a complete kids rig that includes 2 sail sizes. Ideal for kids, learning, growth and wind conditions. Great value and performance - and is ultra light and easy!
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Chinook Junior Glide

Rig Category: Youth / Kids Windsurfing Rigs

Chinook Junior Glide - A complete Kids Rig with 2 sails
The Junior Glide is windsurfing rig that's ideal for kids. Ultra light weight, Easy to rig, Easy to use and performance that allows kids to succeed and have fun! The mast is aluminum and very light weight. It adjusts in length to both sail sizes. The Boom is aluminum and adjustable with a clamp-on for easy and secure attachment. The sails are both clear monofilm material to keep them light and easy to control. The mast base is a fixed length so it's easy rigging (kids can rig these themselves). The mast base is a mechanical EP base - for easy attachment of rig to the board.

- Includes 2 sail sizes: 2.0/ 2.5 or 1.0/ 1.5
- Monofilm sails for light weight
- Built in mast pad to protect kids feet.
- Mast sleeve is a loop system so the sail doesn't hold water in this area.
- Each sail has its own sail bag for storage.
- 2-pc Aluminum mast - light and easy to assemble.
- The Clamp-on boom is 88-136 cm adjustment range.
- The base extension is a fixed EP - easy connection and release
- 1-bolt EP mechanical base - works on hard and inflatable boards.
- Chinook bungee uphaul
- Heavy Duty Rig Bag - for storage and transport.

Size Options:
- 2.0 & 2.5 rig
- 1.0 & 1.5 rig
Experience Level: