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RRD Freefoil windfoiling sail – Light, Easy, Throwabout design
This new YR 25 (2020) windfoil sail is designed to be Light – fun and super easy to use. Developed to not only be easy to use but also provide great low wind to get you foiling really early. The sail is designed to be as small as possible to get you foiling – and to disappear in your hands once flying on the foil. The result is this 3-4 batten windfoiling sail that is compact, light and stunning in appearance. The 5.8 and 6.4 are what we are stocking for this late season addition. These sizes feature 4 battens with 2 mini leech battens. Two battens are below the boom in the foot, with two above. The 3rd batten actually crosses the boom area (tip below and rear above boom). This helps to maintain a low center of effort in the sail and also keep the sail very light in your hands. X-ply foot panels mixed with colored monofilm upper panels keep this sail incredibly light and visible. The latest in windfoiling sails for fun and ease of foiling success – the Freefoil YR25.

- WindFoiling specific sail design.
- 4 size options: 4.0, 5.0, 5.8, 6.4
- 4 battens (5.8, 6.4 sizes), 3 batterns (4.0, 5.0)
- X-ply foot panels and reinforcement panels.
- Color C-film upper panels
- Monofilm window.
- Double clew grommet options.
- Built in mast pad.
- Pulley down haul fitting.
- Sail toggle for rolling up and storing sail.

5.8, 6.4 (available now)
4.0, 5.0 (special order)


Brand Model Area Luff Boom Mast Battens
RRDFreefoil 6.4m2452182-1874304


RRD Freefoil Y25

Sale Price New windfoiling sail from RRD. Designed to be fun, easy to use, lightweight and very efficient. Great design - foiling made easy!
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