STX Evolve Rig

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On Sale! These compact rigs are available in 2 sizes and ideal for learning, traveling & fit into a bag for ease of transport. Includes: sail, rigging and travel bag.

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STX EVOLVE Compact Rig 4.9, 6.0 – Ideal for learning and traveling.
This new rig comes complete with a choice of sail size and all necessary rigging. It's Compact design fits in a nice storage / travel bag when disassembled. When fully assembled it provides nice power in it's relative compact shape. Soft center of sail helps developing windsurfers feel the wind more and visibly see the sail billowing out when trimmed correctly. The sails 4 batten profile assists in the sails range and stability - while also Designed for windsurfing and windsup use. The Evolve features a single rig with all components packed in one backpack. The 5-piece rdm epoxy mast and fully collapsible 6-piece boom make it all fit into a compact bag which fits in any car trunk. The Evolves performance and durability comes from intelligent material use and provides excellent value oriented product.

- 2 Sail sizes options: 4.9 or 6.0
- Unique fold-able sail design with battens.
- Fixed head (no adjustable top haul)
- Dacron sail with Vinyl window
- 4 battens: 1 foot,2 leech, 1 head batten.
- Boom = 6-pc compact Alloy adjustable 163-223 cm
- Mast = 5-Piece Epoxy RDM (425 cm /4.9, 450 cm / 6.0).
- Mast Extension = EP RDM 30 cm adjustable.
- Base =Mechanical EP 1-bolt base
- RDM mast shim.
- Compact Storage Bag

Size Options /Color:
4.9 , 6.0 / Blue
Experience Level:
Experience Level:
Progressing Beginner