GT C60 RDM CC 64/76 Windsurf Mast

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This 60% RDM mast has a 64/76 mast bend that's ideal for the widest range of sail brand compatibility and dependable mast performance.
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Mast Category: RDM 60% Carbon Mast.

GT 60 RDM Mast 64/76 – Targets wave / bump-n-jump and freeride sails.

This new GT RDM 60 mast provides a new option in the 60% carbon RDM mast segment of the industry. Their 64/76 constant curve profile enhance sail performance and provides a desirable shape and tuning qualities to accommodate a wide range sail brand compatibility. High quality European construction allows the GT RDM 60% carbon masts to generate strong and dependable performance for your sail. Targeting wave, b-n-j and freeride sails – they are responsive and very reliable making this a great RDM mast option and excellent value. Ideal for progressing to intermediate level riders and sails.


- RDM - Reduced Diameter Mast.

- High quality 60% carbon construction.

- Ideal for progressing to intermediate level riders and sails.

- 64/76 bend - Targets broad range of sail brands and models.

- 2-pc construction.

- Fine-tuned fiber ratios.

- A good reflex response.

- Glossy finish for ease of rigging.

- Tip plug accommodates wide range of male pin designs.

- * mast shim is NOT included.

Sizing options:

370, 400, 430, 460