GT C80 SDM CC 64/76 Windsurf Mast

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Save 15% Performance SDM 80% carbon mast with 64/76 bend is light and responsive with high quality construction to optimize sail performance. Special Offer - 490 Mast Ships for only $49.. Call to order the 490
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Mast Category: SDM 80% Carbon Mast.


GT 80 SDM Mast 64/76 – Targets performance freeride and Freerace sails.

These new GT 80 SDM mast provide a new level of performance and responsiveness in windsurfing masts. Their true constant curve 64/76 mast bends will match up with the majority of sails available in the industry and work well with no cam freeride and freerace camber induced sails. Constructed using pre-preg carbon to maximize quality, consistency and minimize weight. With 80% carbon content – these masts provide excellent reflex response and performance. They are thoroughly tested for quality control, bend and weight consistency. These GT C80 SDM 64 have a bend of 64/76 provides ideal constant curve characteristic per requirements of Gaastra, Sailworks and many other brands of  Sails. This bend / stiffness works well with most other brands as well to assure great compatibility and performance.



- SDM – Standard Diameter Mast.

- High quality 80% pre-preg carbon mast.

- 64/76 bend - Targets widest mast compatibility = true Constant Curve by 2022 standards.

- Ideal for modern freeride and freerace sail designs.

- 2-pc mast construction.

- Fine-tuned fiber ratios.

- A crisp and lively reflex response.

- Glossy finish for ease of rigging.

- Tip plug accommodates wide range of male pin designs.



430, 460, 490