Slingshot G 900/872 Lower Package V1

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Slingshot G900/872 lower foil set is a wind-foil targeted foil to maximize Speed, Glide and control. Updated front wing shape to enhance performance. Includes: carbon wing set, Fuse, covers, and case.

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Slingshot G Series 900/872 Lower Package – Foil

Foil Category: Windfoiling

Slingshot G Series 900/872 Lower Foil – Targets Windsurf Foiling Speed, Glide & Control
G 900/872 Lower Package V1 is windsurf specific package with the longer fuselage that will allow you to cruise through any lull and pump your way through completely dead spots. This lower makes jibing incredibly easy with its wide wing span and incredible rail to rail stability.
It is a lower Foil set with multi-sport compatibility for anyone looking to maximize pump and glide without sacrificing low-speed get-up and go. The larger wings give you more glide and increased pumping efficiency while the smaller sizes are more reactive in the turn for tighter carving.

- G Series lower 900/872 set
- Incredible gliding and pumping performance.
- Rail-to-rail stability.
- Early lift.
- Generate tons of lift from carving.
- Multi-Sport Compatibility.
- 900 FRONT WING = medium/high-aspect carbon-fiber G Series front wings.
- PS 400 MM CARBON REAR STABILIZER = direct connect.
- 872 MM FUSE = shaped and designed to offer unmatched stiffness and strength.
- BIGFOOT CONNECTION = mast-to-fuse connection is the strongest and most robust available.
- TRAVEL CASE AND NEOPRENE WING COVERS - one low profile, padded case.
- Mast is sold Separately!
Foil Specs
900 Front Wing = surface area 1263 cm2, Span 900 mm, Chord 176 mm, Aspect Ratio 6.4
400 Stabilizer = Surface area 281 cm2, Span 400mm, chord 88 mm, Aspect Ratio 5.9
872 Fuse = 87.2 cm high-performance, aircraft-grade aluminum alloy fuselage.

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