Slingshot PTM 930/710 Lower Package V1

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Slingshot PTM 930 / 710 lower package is a Wing-foil targeted foil set to maximize efficiency, speed and carving qualities. Updated front wing shape to enhance performance. Includes: carbon wing set, Fuse, covers, and case.
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Slingshot PTM 930/710 Lower Package – Foil

Foil Category: Wing-foiling, Sup-foiling

Slingshot PTM Series PTM 930/710 Lower Foil – Targets Wing Foiling Efficient / Fast / Carve
PTM 930/710 Lower Package V1 is Wing / Sup Foil specific package. The PTM 930/710 Lower Package is the pinnacle of high-aspect efficiency. Fine tuned for foilers who demand speed and agility but still need dependable stability for those critical moments, the PTM 930 front wing shines at top-end speeds. This is a great lower for intermediate and advanced wingers who crave high-aspect performance. A series of wings with maximum pump and glide performance at higher speeds that would blow away the competition on a downwind race.
If you are looking for maximum pump and glide performance, a great turning radius, and lightning-fast speed reaches, the carbon fiber PTM 930 front wing is for you. This high-aspect front wing is perfect for intermediate and advanced wingers who crave high-aspect performance or wave riders looking to hold their speed and pump back to the next wave. Despite its wide 930 cm wingspan, it has a very loose, playful feel underfoot.
It is a lower Foil set with multi-sport compatibility for anyone looking to maximize pump and glide without sacrificing low-speed get-up and go. The larger wings give you more glide and increased pumping efficiency while the smaller sizes are more reactive in the turn for tighter carving.

- PTM Series lower 930/710 set
- Maximum Pump and Glide Performance.
- Cut through the water like butter.
- Hold their speed and glide with minuscule resistance.
- Incredible speed potential.
- Multi-Sport Compatibility.
- 930 FRONT WING = high-aspect carbon-fiber PTM Series front wings.
- PS 400 MM CARBON REAR STABILIZER = direct connect.
- 710 MM FUSE = shaped and designed to offer unmatched stiffness and strength.
- BIGFOOT CONNECTION = mast-to-fuse connection is the strongest and most robust available.
- TRAVEL CASE AND NEOPRENE WING COVERS - one low profile, padded case.
- Mast is sold Separately!

PTM 930 Foil Specs:
930 Front Wing = surface area 950 cm2, Span 930 mm, Chord 128 mm, Aspect Ratio 9.1
400 Stabilizer = Surface area 281 cm2, Span 400mm, chord 88 mm, Aspect Ratio 5.9
710 Fuse = 71 cm long high-performance, aircraft-grade aluminum alloy fuselage.

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