Black Project Wind Kraken PB

Black Project Wind Kraken PB

RRD Freewave Side SB Poly V3 Fin Set

RRD Freewave Side SB Poly V3 Fin Set

Black Project Quad Fin Set

Quad fin slot box system – includes 2 sets mini Epic Slot box fins. 2 smaller pair combined with 2 larger pair. Ideal for Quad Slot box boards.
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2x10 cm front Slot, 2x14.5cm rear Slot
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Black Project Fins: Quad slot box set – mini Epic
These state of the art quad Slot Box fins are ideal for the latest Quad Fin board designs. Sold as a set of 4 fins, they include a combination of smaller front fins paired with larger rear fin sets. These are the fins of choice for the likes of RRD UK and world instructor Jem Hall, 2 X PWA Aloha Classic Champion Morgan Noireaux and by 4 x AWT Champion Ingrid Larouche. These wave fins are optimized for fast and powerful wave sailing where riders want speed, grip and fast turns. The increased drive and control of the large sizes is loved by freewave riders. With increased rake and a little added tip twist these fins will deliver increased pivot to promote faster and tighter turns on the wave. Controled and confident bottom turns with tight powerful and linking top turns are familiar to Black Projects wave riders.

- Slot box base system.
- Quad fin sets: 2 options.
- Maximum performance: extreme speed, maneuverability & grip.
- High rake with progressive swept tip for board control, tracking and maneuverability.
- Extremely spin-out resistant enabling tighter turns at higher speeds.
- Advanced wave foil technology design for fast and aggressive riders.
- Increased tip flex for enhanced feel.
- Comes complete with protective foam cover.

Quad fin set Options include:
- 2x's 9 front w 2x's 14.5 rear set.
- 2x's 10 front w 2x's 14.5 rear set.


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2x10 cm front Slot, 2x14.5cm rear Slot BPQ 10
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