Black Project Wind Kraken PB

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Black Project Kraken is a freewave design ideal for modern Freestyle Wave and FreEmove boards. G10 material. Power Box base.
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Black Project Kraken Freewave Power- Speed, Power & Control for Single Fin Freewave Boards. /i>
Windsurfing Freewave Fin – The Kraken Freewave windsurf fin range is designed to increase board speed, widen wind range and enhance the turning abilities of all single fin freewave and freemove boards. Black Project combined the wave characteristics of their our Epic wave fins with the speed and drive of our freeride fins. The Kraken fin helps to liven up your freewave board, making it faster, easier to jibe and more controlled in choppy water. The Kraken freewave fin was a fun to develop and was tested in a wide variety of conditions from wave riding to flat water blasting. So whether you are a bigger rider looking for more turning from your freewave board in waves or love to blast around, jump and try some freestyle then the Kraken fin is going to be an ideal upgrade from your existing fin. The Kraken fin range consists of five size options to cover all riders with a wide range of boards and wind conditions.

- Power Base.
- Progressive rake with well swept tip for board control, lift and maneuverability.
- Extremely fast & spin-out resistant Kraken fin.
- Built in G10 for enhanced performance & durability.
- Increased trailing edge thickness to increase safely.
- Solid G-10 base for maximum strength.
- Available in Powerbox US, & Slot Box base.
- Threaded brass insert on PB & quality screw/plate with US base fins.
- Protective foam cover.

Size Options
24 | 26 | 28 | 30 | 32 cm
* Call us to order fins sizes that are out of stock - We'll have these shipped direct at no extra charge.

Precision CNC’d Black G10 = Best blend of performance, durability and overall cost. For the overwhelming majority of windsurfers, G10 fins provide the right mix of performance and durability that windsurfers at all levels that you can get at a reasonable price.