Nautix Mechanical 1 Bolt Base EP

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Nautix Mechanical 1 Bolt (EP) Euro Pin Base. Great for use with inflatable windsurf board and rig packages.
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Nautix Mechanical 1 Bolt Base EP

Category: Bases- 1-Bolt - EP

Nautix 1-bolt mechanical EP base - Ideal for easy connection on and off water
This is a high quality mechanical base system with a EP top pin connection. It is an excellent choice for any inflatable windsurf and windsup boards. It also works great on hard body board especially for those wanting an easy in the water connection and disconnection when needed. It features a 8mm bolt with a flat / square nut (included). this bends / flexes over easily to 90 degrees with out any constraints - to make in water and on land connection as easy and as possible.