Windsurfing Booms

Windsurfing booms for every size, construction and price range, visit Isthmus Sailboards for the largest selection and best prices in one location. Click on a category to find the right boom products for your needs. Windsurfing booms are key part of your gear to benefit control of your sail and rig. Booms are available in either Aluminum or Carbon constructions. Aluminum booms favor lower price points, entry level up to advanced skilled riders. Carbon boom are the top of the line for stiffness and performance and favor intermediate to expert riders. All of our boom offerings feature clamp-on boom front ends and adjustable length rear boom ends. These are important features for ease of attachment to the mast and adjusting the boom lengths for a large range of sail sizes. Booms are also available in a variety of boom grip diameters to suit your comfort, hand size and grip preferences. We also stock a variety of boom parts; replacement clamp-ons, boom grip material, adjustment clips, rope, uphauls, harness lines and more. From kids booms to a full line up of adult booms, Isthmus Sailboards has the best boom options, prices and availability in the windsurfing market. Call or email us if you have any questions.